Advancing Excellence

FutureCare has joined the skilled nursing quality campaign "Advancing Excellence". The mission of Advancing Excellence is to achieve excellence in the quality of care and life of our residents. This collaborative national campaign includes leaders from long term care providers, consumers, advocates, ombudsmen and government agencies. Together we have established an infrastructure to provide support and tools to skilled nursing facilitiess across America.

Currently our centers are participating in two of the "Advancing Excellence" campaigns. The first campaign is "Hospitalizations". Hospitalizations goal is to prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital when an acute condition can be safely handled in the center. Patients benefit by remaining in a familair environment with familiar faces and staff, and able to avoid unnecessary long delays in an emergency department.

The second campaign is "Consistent Assignment". Consistent assignment means that the patient is cared for by the same caregivers every day. This benefits the patient by staff members knowing their daily routines, food preferences and ensures continuity of care.   Also, because caregivers are more familiar with the residents, they are more likely to detect subtle clinical changes resulting in earlier treatment.

This is one of many programs that FutureCare participates in to improve our residents' quality of life and care.  If you would like more information about the advancing excellence campaign, please click on the following link: