LYFE Today

Living Your Fullest Experience Today

LYFE Today is a program that is directed toward both the residents and the staff of the facility. Meeting the needs of residents in a long term care facility is a very complex process that requires a great deal from each staff person every day. From the staff perspective the basis of the LYFE Today program is that addressing the needs of the staff will enable the staff to better meet the complex needs of the residents.

"Our residents have places to go and things to do" is the simplified philosophy for the resident component of the Program. LYFE Today combines events around the residents' activities of daily living, their skilled nursing needs and a therapeutic environment into a model of assessment and programming that minimizes decline, promotes physical function and social awareness, contributes to each resident's quality of life and promotes self dignity and self respect. Events are structured according to the resident's level of functioning into four levels of Villages. Within each Village the resident's care is a series of events structured to maximize both the resident's quality of care and his/her quality of life.

The philosophy for the staff component of LYFE Today is caring for staff results in staff who can become experts in caring for residents. Just as we care for our residents we must nurture our staffs. Nurturing of staff occurs through education to increase staff knowledge base, respect in interactions with each other and valuing staff contributions to meeting the resident's needs.