Administrative Professionals Week

As we wrap up Administrative Professionals week we again want to thank everyone in our FutureCare family who works in this important role.
Additional employees we'd like to give a shout out to are:
• Elizabeth Johnson - Staffing Coordinator and Central Supply Coordinator at Sandtown
• Shanta Felder-Payton - Medical Recrods Coordinator at Sandtown
• Lateefah Matin - Unit Secretary at Sandtown
• Dorothy Owens - PRN member of our Administrative Support Team
• Gwendolyn Berry - Day Shift Receptionist at Sandtown
• Shakita Faulker - Evening Shift Receptionist at Sandtown
• Brenda Myers - PRN member of our Administrative Support Team at Sandtown
• Dorita Peay - PRN Receptionist at North Point
• Danielle Loney - Unit Secretary at North Point
• Amy Kirby - Daytime Front Desk Receptionist at North Point
• Tammie Denbow - 2nd Shift Receptionist at North Point
• Ginita Peay - Staffing Coordinator at North Point
• Fallon Bonaparte - Weekend Receptionist at North Point
• Brenda Lynch - Medical Records Clerk at North Point at North Point