Celebrating Career Nursing Assistants Week

As Career Nursing Assistants week comes to a close, we would like to give one more thank you to all of our GNA's here at FutureCare. We appreciate everything you do and your dedication to your patients.
Additional GNA's we would like to recognize:
FC Canton Harbor:
⁠• Lucille Creek
⁠• Annette Hasan
⁠• Elizabeth Mobley
⁠• Keisha Reid
⁠• Teresa Johnson
⁠• Karen Boone
⁠• Sharon Doles
⁠• Moreena Dixon
⁠• Mia Moore
FC Good Samaritan:
⁠• Duncan Gachunga
FC Capital Region:
⁠• Paula Bolton
⁠• Carmen Alvarez
⁠• Victor Okotie
FC Pineview:
⁠• Gina Thomas
⁠• Denise Clark