Colleen Kennedy has been working at FutureCare for thirteen years. She is the Senior Network Administrator in FutureCare's corporate office. Her job involves solving problems and helping other employees to do their jobs as they relate to Information Technology. Colleen enjoys the challenges that her job entails, particularly relating to problem solving and learning new things.

Outside of work, Colleen's favorite activities are playing golf and relaxing at the beach. Additionally, she has always been a fan of the Orioles....Go O's!!

Colleen encourages other FutureCare employees to "just do your best--that is all anyone can do." She loves FutureCare because the company helps those who are especially vulnerable and in need of care. Colleen greatly respects and admires all of FutureCare's employees who work at the facilities helping and caring for all the residents. In her words, "They are the ones who inspire me to work hard and help them as best I can to do their jobs."