Kimberly Smith has been the Assistant Director of Nursing and Performance Manager at FutureCare Sandtown for almost a year. She oversees the Performance Improvement Committee and is in charge of scheduling and staffing, and tracking unplanned hospital transfers. In addition, Kimberly performs floor audits and assists with some staff education, all while coordinating everything with Sandtown's Director of Nursing and Administrator. She loves her job because even though many of her responsibilities are administrative, she is still constantly interacting with the residents and helping the other nurses with their duties. To other FutureCare employees, Kimberly says, "Don't just come to your building to work, get involved!"

Outside of work, Kimberly loves to travel and spend quality time with her family. She has been happily married for ten years and has three children--two girls and one boy. She is grateful to have very supportive parents, and is proud of her sister, who serves in the US Air Force. Her favorite team is the Ravens, of course!

Kimberly loves Sandtown because the nurses there work very hard and are so compassionate towards the residents. Two of her favorite memories from the past year are Mother's Day and Halloween. For Mother's Day, all of Sandtown's employees worked together to give out flowers and make sure that every female resident had a special outfit and a fresh manicure for the day. Every year, FutureCare Sandtown hosts a spectacular Halloween event that is attended by the entire community, including hundreds of children. Kimberly believes that both of these events speak to the commitment Sandtown has for its residents, employees, and the community it serves. In the one year that Kimberly has been at FutureCare, she has completed her BSN and was part of the first group of FutureCare nurses to become certified in long-term care. In Kimberly's words, "FutureCare just continues to pour into its employees, and it is truly a second family."