Tina Smith has worked at FutureCare Northpoint since 1980. She is a Laundry Aide, in charge of sorting dirty laundry, making sure everything gets washed, and returning clean laundry to the residents' rooms. While those are Tina's official duties, she is always happy to do additional tasks to help the residents because they are her favorite part of the job. Tina advises other FutureCare employees to give 100% when they are at work and, above all else, to be there for the residents.

Outside of work, Tina has a very active family life. She loves to go to country music concerts with her daughter--her favorite singer is Luke Bryan. Tina has three brothers and two sisters with whom she is very close. Every Friday she goes out to eat with her husband and fifteen to twenty of her family members. A fan of both the Ravens and the Orioles, Tina is looking forward to attending the Orioles FanFest again this year and loves having her family over every Sunday to watch football.

Tina's mother was a resident at Northpoint for seven years. Tina brought her mother to FutureCare because she knew it was a good company. Seeing the employees take great care of her mother during those seven years are Tina's favorite memories from working at Northpoint. Tina has worked at FutureCare for so many years because she feels they treat her well. She gets along with all the other employees and has never had a problem with anyone. In her words, "I think FutureCare is a lovely place to work...I'm happy to wake up every morning and come to my job."