Meet Dawn Lumadue

Meet Dawn Lumadue, another of our Case Managers! Dawn describes herself as optimistic, compassionate, and blunt, and enjoys watching crime dramas outside of work, except for Criminal Minds since it's a little too creepy. She also dabbles in home repair, and is convinced she was a man in her past life because she would rather have power tools and gadgets than jewelry.
Dawn joined FutureCare 8 years ago in January, and her career path took her in the direction of Case Management. She found the position very satisfying and she enjoys advocating for patients in a way that allows them to focus on their recovery without worrying about the insurance aspect of the process. In a typical day, Dawn compiles clinical information to submit to insurance companies, negotiating correct reimbursement for FutureCare's services, and assisting with discharge planning when needed. In addition to advocating for patients, Dawn enjoys serving as an asset for the company by breaking down insurance specifics. Thank you, Dawn, for your dedication in advocating for our FutureCare residents and ensuring they get the treatment they need!