Meet Lorrie Zelesnick

This week we're excited to celebrate Physician Assistants Week by featuring our PA, Lorrie Zelesnick. Lorrie joined FutureCare 8 years ago this week and moved to Baltimore in 1981 after graduating from the PA program at Rutgers University. Lorrie's career path drew her to the Physician Assistant position after meeting a PA who served in Vietnam and arranging an office internship. Each day, Lorrie addresses acute and chronic patient issues, conducts physical evaluations, and works closely with staff to formulate a plan of care. When asked about her favorite part of the job, she mentioned the "cohesive, caring group of individuals" she works with daily. She considers her coworkers to be family and working together to help a patient recover and return home brings her a feeling of joy in her heart.

Outside of work, Lorrie enjoys going to the gym, reading, cooking, and sitting on the beach. She hopes to travel again sometime in the future. Her family and coworkers would describe her as dependable, organized, and trustworthy. Lorrie has been a PA for nearly 40 years and has a passion for care of the elderly. Lorrie is so essential to our FutureCare community during these times and always, and we couldn't thank her enough.