Meet Maureen Edozie

For our last profile of Nurse Practitioners Week, we'd like to feature Maureen Edozie, Doctor of Nursing Practice at FutureCare Cold Spring and Charles Village. Maureen is originally from Nigeria and has been with FutureCare since 2011 where she started as an RN. Over the years, she has progressed through the ranks of nursing, obtaining her BSN in 2012 and became a Nurse Practitioner in 2017. She just recently earned her DNP and would like to note that the support from FutureCare has helped her reach such a height in her profession.
She loves that her job includes team work, excellent communication, flexibility, and supportive management and staff. Outside of work, Maureen likes cooking, cleaning, and shopping, and she's a pro at making the people around her smile. We thank you, Maureen, for all of your dedication to the field of nursing and to your patients at FutureCare especially. You are truly appreciated in this community.