Meet Tysheka Cephas

Meet Tysheka Cephas, one of our incredibly hard working Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners! Tysheka is a Maryland native as she is from Cambridge, MD where she was raised by her mother and grandparents. She came to Baltimore for a change of pace and atmosphere, and continued her education at Sojourner Douglass College where she received her Bachelors degree. She then went to receive her Masters in Nursing at Walden University. Currently, she is still studying at Walden University in hopes to receive a Doctorate of Nursing Practice with a psychology certification component.
Tysheka has been a nurse practitioner for 2 years, and has been drawn to providing care for others since she was young. Outside of work she is much of a homebody because between work and school she is very busy. She also has twin 19 year old daughters that were born the day after Christmas and a 23 year old son. Thank you Tysheka for your incredible hard work. Multitasking life as a student while also providing top quality care to patients is no easy feat, and we are so appreciative of your time.