National Nurses Month - Gina Jennings

As part of our celebration of National Nurses Month, we would like to introduce Gina Jennings. Gina is another of our wonderful Registered Nurses and Regional Clinical Services Managers who currently serves FutureCare Homewood and Irvington.
Her daily routine consists of visiting communities to conduct regular inspections, review charts, and attend meetings with the clinical management team. Gina has been a member of the FutureCare family for the past 12 years, and she has appreciated the constant teamwork and support from her fellow employees throughout her time at the company. In addition to her co-workers' pride in the care they offer residents, Gina also loves her team's "integrity and genuine compassion for the community we serve."
In her spare time, Gina indulges in various leisurely activities. She likes to read, take long walks with her dog, relax on the beach, and spend time with her baby great-nephew. Thank you for all the incredible work you do for FutureCare, Gina!