National Occupational Therapy Month - Lauren Maddox

As we continue celebrating National Occupational Therapy Month, we would like to recognize Lauren Maddox, Registered Occupational Therapist at FutureCare Homewood! Lauren grew up in Maryland in Perry Hall and has been with FutureCare for 4 years now. When she was 18, her grandfather had a stroke and with the help of multiple therapists he was able to walk again. Through helping him recover, Lauren found the joy that comes with occupational therapy, inspiring her to pursue it as a career.
There are many things about being an OT that Lauren loves, some of which include meeting new people, learning about her patients' lives, and helping them feel empowered to accomplish their goals. Lauren got married last year and recently adopted two dogs, and she loves going on long (8 mile!) walks and hikes with them. Thank you, Lauren, for your dedication to your patients!