A Few Words From Regional Rehab Manager Brad Segree

As we approach the end of October and Physical Therapy Month winds down, we'd again like to feature a few words of thanks from our Regional Rehab Manager, Brad Segree. While many of us know that physical therapy is essential for recovery, many of us do not know what the process actually looks like. From day one, FutureCare's Physical Therapists and Assistants help their patients through the entire process, beginning by evaluating their physical capabilities when they come in. After evaluation, PT/As use their extensive education to compile an individualized plan of therapy for each resident. Throughout the entire journey, Physical Therapists and Assistants are by the resident's side, guiding them through their recovery process until discharge. Brad notes that "Physical Therapists and Assistants have a huge impact on our residents' lives," and we couldn't agree more. Thank you to all of our Physical Therapy staff in guiding our residents towards a safe and complete recovery.