Black Lives Matter

Dear FutureCare Community:
The recent deaths of George Floyd in Minnesota and other innocent members of the African American community in different parts of our nation have reminded us that our own community continues to suffer and only confirms how far our country still has to go. This is simply unacceptable.
And to make matters even worse this crisis coincides with the unbelievable COVID-19 pandemic that we are working so hard to overcome.
The foundation FutureCare stands firmly on, is that we are neighbors caring for neighbors. We have witnessed each and every one of our employees exemplifying this in their personal and professional lives. We can only encourage everyone to continue to strive to be a light in our community, demonstrating how to treat otherswith respect, compassion and empathy. As we set this example, others will watch and follow our lead.
If you need emotional support, FutureCare's Employee Assistance Program is available to you. Please reach out if you need to talk, share, or want to provide us with feedback. We want to learn from you and continue to grow together.