Celebrating Long Term Care Administrators Week 2022

This week is Long Term Care Administrators Week, and we want to recognize our fantastic Executive Directors for their incredible dedication to our FutureCare communities. Our Executive Directors are responsible for the management and coordination of all community services and activities. We are so grateful for their continuous contributions to the administration of our facilities and the care of our residents.
Shout out to all 15 of our amazing Executive Directors:

  • Ryan Evans - Canton Harbor
  • David Pipkin - Capital Region
  • Matthew Wheaton - Charles Village
  • David Insel - Cherrywood
  • Becky Main - Chesapeake
  • Jahiri Gunthrope - Cold Spring
  • Victor Musa - Courtland
  • William Brawders - Good Samaritan
  • Dean Smith (interim) - Homewood
  • Elijah Ochung - Irvington
  • Franco Pastore - Lochearn
  • Ryan Barrett - Northpoint
  • Amee Kearns - Old Court
  • Jodie Dyer - Pineview
  • Barbara Clauser - Sandtown