Environmental Services Week: Lochearn Spotlight

In continuing to celebrate Environmental Services Week, today we'd like to spotlight some of the team from FutureCare Lochearn. The environmental services team at Lochearn is made up of 31 people who help to keep the facility clean and in tip-top shape for our residents, visiting families, and colleagues. Executive Director Tamara Miller said, "The last few years changed everything – now more than ever, a clean environment is recognized as a critical component of health care. Join me in celebrating Environmental Services Week by thanking the EVS professionals at Lochearn and the other FutureCare locations! With all the challenges and changes the last few years have brought, these staff members have remained resilient in their efforts to protect others from dangerous pathogens." Thank you for all you do, FutureCare Lochearn! Pictured from the team is:
- Nathan Little
- Kevin Durant
- Pedro Leger
- Shantrise Fisher
- Robert Owens
- Germaine Johnson
- Cecelia Smith
- Cheryling Crawford
- Theresa Jordan
- Christopher Drummond
- Albert Griffin
- Derrick Johnson
- Angela Fowlkes
- Marsha Hartwell
- Vernell Thomas
- Martha Jones