Environmental Services Week: Sandtown Spotlight

This week, we also celebrate Environmental Services Week! Environmental Services Week is dedicated to showing appreciation for the dedicated EVS teams that ensure our facilities are clean, safe places for our patients, their families, and our colleagues. With all the challenges and changes the last few years have brought – from heightened restrictions to modified cleaning recommendations – the EVS teams at FutureCare have remained resilient in their efforts to protect our communities.
Today, we'd like to give a shoutout to the team at FutureCare Sandtown. Executive Director Barbara Clauser put it simply saying, "They're the best! Thank you for everything you do to support our center."
- Mary Jacobs
- Cheryl Bell
- Deborah Calaman
- Jabray Joseph
- Vince Brunner
- Wanita Stokes
- Lakisha Burgess
- Peter Pacheco
- Ophelia Sinclair
- Tenia Harper
- Dev Taylor