Future Care Good Samaritan Thanks Staff

Septmeber 25, 2017 - These photos show a beautiful ceremony led by our own Sister Joan at the FutureCare Good Samaritan Nursing Home.

According to Sister Joan:

"The Blessing of Hands of our employees is meant to raise our awareness that we are really answering a Call from God as we tend with compassion to the sick and suffering. It is a sign of

God giving us the strength we need to do the sometimes difficult work He gives us. It is also an opportunity to THANK the employees for what they do here, asking God to bring healing to all the people they touch. God works through our hands, and so our hands become holy."

Thanks to all of our caregivers for your inspirational work. And thanks as well to Sister Joan, Steve Wynn and the leadership of FC Good Samaritan for recognizing this work with this beautiful and meaningful ceremony.