FutureCare Facilities Receive 5 Star Ratings!

May 16, 2017– Congratulations to FutureCare Cherrywood and FutureCare Homewood for being designated as 5 star facilities!!! They join the other 5 star facilities, FutureCare Sandtown and FutureCare Lochearn as the highest rated facilities by CMS. We would also like to recognize our 4 star facilities, which are on the verge of 5 star status. These are FutureCare: Cold Spring, Courtland, Irvington and Old Court.

"FutureCare has the highest number of 5 star facilities in Maryland, " said FutureCare CEO Gary Attman. "We are proud of these facilities and what their accomplishments show—our emphasis on quality and patient care above all else."