FutureCare named Top Workplace by Baltimore Sun for Second Year in a Row

On December 1, The Baltimore Sun announced that FutureCare Health, Maryland’s premier nursing home company, won first place on its list of Top Large Workplaces for 2012. This is the second year in a row that FutureCare secured the top spot, outranking big local businesses such as eBay Inc./ PayPal, financial management company T.Rowe Price, and WPM Real Estate Group.
Founded in 1986, FutureCare operates 12 nursing home facilities across the Baltimore- Washington area. The company prides itself on maintaining high morale and valuing each of their 2800 employees. One quality that sets FutureCare apart is that they offer employees incredible opportunities for upward mobility and professional development. “You may be a great aide, but you may think you would also be a great RN,” Gary L. Attman, FutureCare’s president and CEO, told the Sun. “We want you to accomplish your dreams. I think people who work for us know that.”
Employee Demetri Gambrill shared with the Sun how FutureCare helped him grow from activities assistant to geriatric nursing assistant: “[FutureCare] sent me to school to become a nursing assistant. I didn’t have to pay for anything --not books, not tests, not tuition.”
Other reasons for FutureCare’s #1 ranking include providing employees with top of the line benefits and creating an atmosphere with high morale. “We treat everyone with respect,” said Attman. “Everyone is on a first name basis. There’s a level of accessibility. Anybody in the company can contact anyone else. We all work together. It’s really a unique environment. It’s a family business and we try to treat everyone in the company like they are members of the family.”
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