Governor Larry Hogan Visits FutureCare

Governor Larry Hogan visited FutureCare Northpoint today to observe the vaccination clinic and support our efforts in getting our team fully vaccinated. He was also there to publicize the state's "Leave No Arm Left Behind" initiative which also encourages vaccinations by healthcare workers.
The governor was greeted by CEO Gary Attman and Chairman Lennie Attman, as well as COO John Spadaro and the facility leadership: Executive Director Ryan Barrett and Director of Nursing Pam Gaul.
Wearing a FutureCare mask he greeted the staff and took many photos and selfies with them. He then went into the clinic and gave encouragement and thanks to FutureCare team members who were getting vaccinated.
Then he went out onto the adjacent patio for a full press conference.
Gary Attman expressed appreciation for the visit: "Thank you Governer Hogan for honoring us with your presence. And thank you FutureCare Northpoint for presenting so beautifully and for administering so many vaccinations today."