Happy Doctors’ Day - Celebrating Dr. Fatima Sheikh

Happy Doctors' Day, FutureCare! To celebrate, we want to shout out all our clinicians and highlight our amazing Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Fatima Sheikh. Dr. Sheikh has been a member of the FutureCare family since 2013 and has worked at various communities as a physician and as a medical director. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking with her family to relax and recharge. Dr. Sheikh loves having the opportunity to work with different teams of various departments throughout all the FutureCare communities. "I appreciate them every day for their hard work and dedication. They spent endless hours and worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are truly heroes of FutureCare!" Thank you to all the physicians and medical directors who work with FutureCare that help us offer the best care to our residents. We appreciate your expertise and dedication throughout these unprecedented times.