Happy Patient Account Managers Week

Yesterday marked the beginning of Patient Account Managers Week! To celebrate, we'd like to share a few words from Lynn Lott, our Vice President of Patient Accounts about FutureCare's Patient Accounting staff:
"The dictionary defines an unsung hero as 'one who does great deeds but receives little to no recognition for them.' To me, our Patient Account Management staff meet this definition. These individuals must be knowledgeable in Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, banking, and many legal aspects. They are problem solvers, critical thinkers, good communicators, have attention to detail and have an understanding of human behavior. It can be challenging and emotional assisting individuals, during a very difficult time in their lives, in disposing of assets they have worked a lifetime to acquire, to cover the cost of their health care. PAMs are part of customer service with what can be an unpleasant job. They are collectors, negotiators, mediators, counselors, and most of all caring individuals.
The Patient Account Manager is an important and essential part of any facility and we are fortunate to have these individuals in our facilities. I personally thank them for all they do every day and am grateful to have the privilege to work with them."
Thank you to all of our Patient Accounting staff for your essential knowledge and work you do for us at FutureCare and our residents.