Healthcare Food Service Workers Week: Irvington Spotlight

This week is Healthcare Food Service Workers Week, a week that honors the professionals who help employees and patients stay well-nourished and healthy. Their work is an essential part of the healthcare system and their skills help fight illness and are a key part of a patient's recovery.

To mark this week of recognition, we'd like to spotlight one of FutureCare's food service teams. Randall Pincard, FutureCare Irvington's Food Services Director, said, "Irvington's Food Service Department is filled with a group of individuals that are committed to providing and assisting every resident with their nutritional needs. I am very grateful for all that they do and will continue to do for our community!"
Thank you to all the healthcare food and nutrition professionals, especially those at our FutureCare locations. We appreciate all of the hard work you do and the essential role you play in keeping our communities well and healthy!