Kicking Off Respiratory Care Week with Michael Bloom

To kick off Respiratory Care Week, we'd like to share a few words from our Regional Director of Respiratory Services, Michael Bloom:
"Respiratory Care Week is a full week that is set aside each year in order to appreciate and acknowledge hard-working respiratory therapists as well as to recognize their dedication to high-quality patient care. The respiratory therapists at FutureCare are crucial members of the healthcare team. In our 4 specialized Progressive Pulmonary Care Unites, our respiratory therapists utilize their expertise to provide both short-term ventilator weaning services, as well as long-term ventilator and tracheostomy management. Our interdisciplinary team of care providers focuses on improving functional ability and overall quality of life of our patients, which includes numerous residents being weaned off their dependency on a mechanical ventilator as well as having their tracheostomy tube removed. There has been an increase in demand for respiratory therapists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their contributions, service, and dedication to FutureCare during these difficult times to provide our residents with the best possible care goes above and beyond."