Mural Unveiling at Gilmor Elementary

June 5, 2017 - This morning we were privileged to attend the unveiling of FutureCare Sandtown's beautiful mural at the entrance to the library at Gilmor Elementary School in Sandtown. Also in attendance were Leonard and Jeffrey Attman, City Council President Jack Young, City Councilman John Bullock, City Councilman Leon Pinkett and police commissioner Kevin Davis.

Why such a large outpouring of leaders for such a small work of art? Because the message that it sends is that government, police, schools, and FutureCare are working together to make the city a better and safer place for our children.

The mural is entitled "It All Starts Here". Nothing can be truer than that. The future of our city starts in the libraries of our elementary schools, with educating our young people so that they can get great jobs and represent the future of a dynamic Baltimore. FutureCare is thrilled to be part of this initiative now and for years to come.