National Case Management Week - Mary Andrade

This week is National Case Management Week, a week dedicated to honoring case managers and their vital role in healthcare, improving health outcomes for patients and their families. Today, we'd love to introduce you to one of our fantastic employees, Mary Andrade! Mary is a hardworking and devoted Senior Case Manager who has spent 24 years with FutureCare in a wide range of roles beginning in August 1998 as a Wound Nurse. Her determination and drive serves as an inspiration to us all, and we're forever grateful for the daily services she renders.
What is it exactly that Mary does as a Senior Case Manager? Her first responsibility is reviewing the medical records of patients to determine if the patient needs to extend their stay with FutureCare. After making this determination, she will contact various departments across the company and to the patient's insurance agency in order to make any necessary changes to the patient's medical record. She is also responsible for answering any questions the FutureCare team may have regarding the related paperwork for the cases under her control.
Mary loves calling FutureCare her work home because of its smaller size as she feels that the management knows her on a personal level and truly recognizes the hard work she puts in every day. When she's not working to make a patient's stay as seamless as possible, you can find Mary spending time with her family or riding her motorcycle! Mary, thank you for all that you do for your FutureCare team and for our patients and their families.