National Respiratory Care Week - Farah Elvard

As we continue to spotlight National Respiratory Care Week, we'd like to introduce you to Farah Elvard, Director of Respiratory Therapy at FutureCare Homewood. Farah's motivation to become a Respiratory Therapist was simple: she had a desire to save lives. She's been a proud Respiratory Therapist for 29 years and we've been lucky to have her as part of our team since April 2007.
As Director of Respiratory Therapy, Farah is busy! She attends three meetings every morning on top of daily duties including supply inventory and ordering, chart reviews and preparing care plans, working with team members, residents and families in an effort to provide excellent healthcare to our tracheostomy and vent dependent residents, and more. Her to do list is ongoing! Farah's favorite thing about working at FutureCare is the people she's met along the way. "I've had the privilege of meeting wonderful people who today I can call family and together we work to provide excellent care to our residents. My success at Homewood has a lot to do with my team. I have had the joy of working with compassionate, caring and dedicated respiratory therapists and pulmonologist. They rock!"
Outside of work, Farah loves to spend time with her family and friends and enjoys planning beautiful parties and celebrations for everyone to be together. To relax, she likes to listen to music and enjoy a good spa day.
Thank you for the life-changing, compassionate care you provide your patients, Farah! We're so grateful to have you on the team.