Nursing Assistants' Week - NorthPoint

As we wrap up our celebrations and community dedications during Nursing Assistants' Week, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to every single nursing assistant in our FutureCare family. Without your steadfast care, kindness, and dedication to our patients, their success would not be possible. You are essential to the fabric of FutureCare and we are grateful for you this week and every week.
Last but certainly not least in our community features, meet the fun bunch of gals from FutureCare NorthPoint! Executive Director Ryan Barrett had this to say about his team: "We are incredibly fortunate at FutureCare NorthPoint to have so many wonderful Nursing Assistants that provide such amazing care to the residents we serve. With the national theme this year being 'I'm still standing', I can tell you that our Nursing Assistants are doing much more than still standing. They have been unwavering throughout this pandemic and continue to work tirelessly to ensure that each and every resident receives the care they need. We would be no where without the positive impact that each and every Nursing Assistant brings to our facility every time they work and words can not express our appreciation for them."