Nursing Assistants' Week - Old Court

As we continue to celebrate Nursing Assistants' Week, today we are pleased to introduce you to three nursing assistants from FutureCare Old Court – Myra, Gracelyn, and Lileith. Below are a few words from Amee Kearns, Executive Director at Old Court, singing the praises of these wonderful team members. Thank you Myra, Gracelyn, and Lileith for everything you do for your community! 
"Myra is always going above and beyond! She is attentive and patient, meeting the needs of her residents with compassion and kindness. She is always happy and lets it shine through when providing care and encouraging her teammates. Myra has passion for the work that she does, she treats all of her residents like family.
Gracelyn leads by example. Her nurses always commend her for the care she provides her residents every day, and her positive energy and passion for her job are always evident. Gracelyn is also one of many GNAs that has worked hard to complete her coursework and is close to becoming an RN. She plans to continue to career as an RN here at Old Court, providing the same level of care she does as a GNA.
Lileith is an extraordinary employee that always rises to the occasion to take care of her residents and her teammates. She has been coming in early prior to her shift to ensure her fellow nursing staff are screened and greeted as they start their day. Lileith has worked for FutureCare for over 14 years and an absolute delight to work with as she is kind, caring and compassionate."