Featuring HeartStrong Cardiac Rehabilitation

FutureCare Homewood is conveniently located just to the south of the beautiful and prestigious Johns Hopkins Homewood campus in Baltimore City, and in close proximity to MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. Residents of the facility have access to a wide variety of clinical services and programs, designed to support each as they heal, recover and return to independence, as well those who require long-term skilled nursing care and support.

In addition to the extraordinary care provided in our state-of-the-art ventilator unit and on-site dialysis center, Homewood is well known for its extensive cardiac rehabilitation program, overseen by a board certified cardiologist.  This program is the only skilled, short-stay program of its kind in Baltimore City, offering multidisciplinary rehabilitation therapy and nursing care, seven days per week.

Other clinical services available at FutureCare Homewood include bariatric care, wound management, pain management and specialized IV therapies including TPN and chest drip services. Together, our physicians, nurse practitioner, licensed and registered nurses, geriatric nursing assistants, dieticians, social workers and recreational activities coordinators strive to make Homewood a place that each person can call home, whether for a short stay or for an extended period of time. 

Jessica Sobul, our Rehabilitation Director at FutureCare Homewood, gives a LED Talk for Provider Magazine. She shares her incredible journey through pregnancy, cancer, and a MRSA infection which left her in a medically induced coma, bed bound, and with a stage 3 pressure ulcer. She endured these immense challenges all while being a new mother.

Watch her talk here: