Progressive Pulmonary Care / Ventilator Care

Progressive Pulmonary Care Units for Vent weaning and care

For over 15 years, FutureCare has been recognized as a leader in Maryland for the development and delivery of specialized Progressive Pulmonary Care programs. This expertise enables us to provide both short-term ventilator weaning services, as well as long-term ventilator and tracheostomy management. Our interdisciplinary team of care providers focus on improving functional ability and overall quality of life of our patients.

Ventilator beds are available at four of our locations, offering a total of 157 vent beds:

  • FutureCare Capital Region has a 24 bed ventilator unit
  • FutureCare Homewood has a 31 bed ventilator unit
  • FutureCare Irvington has 50 ventilator beds
  • FutureCare Pineview has a 52 bed vent unit, with the ability to offer vent-dialysis services right on the unit. 

Ventilator Unit Features

  • Offering a total of 157 ventilator beds across the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area, FutureCare is the largest provider of skilled ventilator services in the region.
  • Short-term management when appropriate, actively wean residents from the ventilator and tracheostomy tube, allowing many patients to return home.
  • Long-term management - extended ventilator management services combined with traditional long -term care services, for residents whose diagnoses require ventilator dependency as a part of their ongoing lives.
  • Clinical oversight by pulmonologists, attending physicians and nurse practitioners.
  • 24/7 in-house respiratory therapy department.
  • State-of-the-art ventilators are small, lightweight and easily transportable.
  • Special Care Unit designation Approved by the Office of Healthcare Quality at the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.